Monday, August 8, 2011

"Your car is loose!" What, OMG!

Tonight we welcome new follower, Amanda, from Arizona. We are very happy you've joined us and appreciate your support.

Right as we pulled into Staysail Park, in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington -- and over a speed bump -- a man yelled "your car is loose"! what??? yup -- the tow bar had broken at the welding point and the Jetta rolled into the back of the RV -- fortunately minimal damage but sure lucky we were in the park and not on the road at 65 mph! ,,,-- yup! someone is watching over us!! -we had planned a fairly lengthy visit here -- good thing -- since we are going to have to get a new tow bar!! but now that we have calmed down, settled into a comfy site and are cooking fresh, live Dungeness Crabs; life is good!!

After several weeks of dry camping in the northwest forest, how novel it feels to have unlimited water, electricity and other comforts. Instead of tall pines, quiet nights, campfires, mosquitoes and eating what ever we had left, now it's a short walk to Safeway or the waterfront just outside our door.

I am going to contact Blue Ox in the morning. This is a 5000 lb. rated tow bar towing a 3300 lb. automobile; this should not have happened!

A 2.1 lb. Dungeness Crab before the Old Bay seasoning and a steam bath in a quart of beer.

The after photo. You can't get these fresh on the east coast; what a treat!


  1. Looks delicious ! Hadn't heard of steaming them in beer. Kelly

  2. Happy to be here, we have been contemplating fulltime RV life for a while and I enjoy reading the stories from those that are already living it. I actually was a fulltimer several years ago and am excited by the prospect of returning.

  3. found your blog through Bayfield Bunch..what's another blog to read..will add you to my collection!..your latest post caught my attention as did your photo of Diablo Lake??!!

  4. Wow on the car coming of my biggest fears while definitely had an angel on your shoulder!!!! I too would be contacting Blue Ox..this should not have happened...
    Happy to hear the damage was minimal...

    safe travels and good luck with the repairs..
    Elaine, Rick, Tucker and Lilly

  5. p.s.: another dream/fear of mine: we are putting the big slide out and it keeeeeeps going until it falls on the ground ! Geesh... I do have an imagination ! Kelly

  6. Just catching up on my blogs and saw this. CANNOT believe the tow bar sheared!!! I would definitely contact Blue Ox. No way this should have happened. Very lucky that is all happened in a safe place, but what a scare!!

  7. would love to have some fresh crab....I am enjoying southern pork bbq where joey goes to school....