Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Delightful Small Farm

Farm and Produce Stand on rte. 6 in Wellfleet

We loved this little farm the minute we saw it. (be sure to click the photo to see it full screen). In addition to the vegetables they have chickens, honey bees and sell camp firewood. This is where we thought we were headed for the last 5 years; well at least until RV fever hit us. The one catch is that once you own something like this it is nearly impossible to ever get away from it. Even now with a few chickens, goats, etc. we have to find someone to stay at our home if we go away. Extended travel is impossible. The other thing is that we are not sure we want to stay in New England any longer. While there is much to like about New England the long winters and humid summers are not one of them. So, why not wander around a bit?