Thursday, August 18, 2011

San Juan Islands

Mount Baker as seen from the ferry. The ferry turned out to be a great low-cost way to take a tour through the San Juan Islands, car included!

After boarding the ferry in Anacortes, an hour+ later, we arrived at Friday Harbor.

The Lime Kiln Lighthouse at Lime Kiln Point, AKA: Whale Watch Park.

We were doubtful that we'd actually see whales here, but our patience was rewarded with this siting. Not the best photo, but bear in mind we are at least 500 yds away, on shore, waiting for these Orcas to surface.

This harbor seal was basking in the warm afternoon sun, but nobody but nobody was going to bother him. Kayaks paddled by and onlookers stared, but he hardly moved at all.

The lighthouse at Cattle Point.

One of the the beautiful buildings in Roche Harbor near the marina.

Dumping your holding tanks on a boat is not quite the same as an RV.


  1. fridayharbour.calm..what a great place!!
    love the sign for the dumptank business..very creative!!'s a crappy job but someone has to do it!

  2. I have been reading a lot of blogs where everybody is taking ferry rides. Now I want to take a ride. I'm going to have to work on that one.