Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hiking the Northwest

Today we welcome 3 new followers to our blog. We're glad you've joined us and look forward to you following our travels.

While we presently sit here on Oak Harbor Bay, I already miss the great forests of Northern Washington and Western Montana. These trails were some of the best hiking we've ever experienced.

This trail had a mysterious, spooky feeling right from the get go. The trail head not only had the obligatory bear warning signs, but also had a notice that mountain lions were recently sited here. As we headed up the trail it soon became deafly quiet; the only sound audible being an occasional creaking of trees rubbing together. As the trail head fell behind us and forest darkened we couldn't help from chanting; "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my; lions and tigers and bears, oh my"

Sometimes these trails surprised us with a hidden lake, seen only to hikers and mosquitoes.

Other times a dark silent trail would break out of the forest to the edge of a glacial river.

Some of the trails are highly developed so they are wheel chair accessible. This was a brand new trail that abutted a stream and included a couple dozen gigantic Douglas Fir and Red Cedar trees.
Anomalies like these twisted trees captured our attention too.

.........And sometimes the trees are so big you can climb right inside.


  1. nice walk on the trails!!..but now you the ocean at Oak Harbour!!

  2. Great hike !
    Wondered if you ever read Karl Denniger at Market Ticker.... Probably my most informative site... plus their foru,

    read the post Is it time to give up?


  3. Great trails you're hiking. You'll find more. Just different.

  4. My kind of hiking trails for sure. AL:))