Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cape Flattery

Sea Stacks along The Straits of Juan De Fuca, not far from Cape Flattery.

These signs are everywhere. With what's happening on the east coast presently, we are taking special notice of them.

To get to Cape Flattery it is necessary to enter the Lands of The Makah Nation. A permit is required for a reasonable fee of $10; it's good for a year.

The deeply forested, 3/4 mile trail out to the Cape does not feel like a trail that will lead to the sea.

Once you get there it will take your breath away.

We weren't able to see Tatoosh Island and the lighthouse. No one else has seen it either for 3 weeks, thanks to the thick fog you can see here just off shore.

Large caves below us where the waves crash and can shake the earth under your feet.

There are so many lumber trucks on the roads here it's amazing. We usually hear at least six rumble by and wake us up every morning before sunrise. 'thought this sign was interesting.

Look at these Pacific Oysters. I could only fit eleven of them on the grill. Everything is large out here: The big sky in Montana, the Rockies, the Douglas Fir and Red Cedars, the Elk and Buffalo, The Pacific and a whole lot more. Gotta love it!

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  1. spectacular photos..I think you are the first travellers that I have read that have been to Cape Flattery!..hope you enjoyed your 'dinner'!!