Sunday, August 7, 2011

North Cascades

Long before North Cascades became a National Park it was the site of 3 hydroelectric dams, all built in the early twentieth century. With the many trail heads, campgrounds and scenic overlooks, an east west drive on highway 20 feels like a National Park, though it is really a National Recreation Area.

To get to the National Park proper, it is necessary to endure this dusty, narrow, one lane road for more than an hour.

Along the way we saw more waterfalls and cascades than we could count.

Eldorado Glacier is just one of the many glaciers we could see when we got to the end of the road. There are about six times more glaciers here in North Cascade, than there are in Glacier National Park, Montana.

There's melting snow and glacial cascades in every direction.

A boat tour of Diablo Lake included a delicious lunch and an hour walk with a naturalist.

The lake offers an entirely different point of view.

This beautiful cascade isn't even visible while driving on highway 20 above.

Ross Dam, one of the three dams on the Skagit River.

Pyramid Mountains' sharp, angular peak is the result of erosion by many glaciers.


  1. Fabulous, beautiful...wish we were there!!
    This is most DEFINITELY going on our list of things to see.

  2. A beautiful part of the country & definately the area to be right now as so many of us struggle through this long hot summer heat wave. I love that kind of country you are now in & if we were full timers that is exactly where I would like to be right about now:))

  3. The Cascade Loop is one of the most picturesque highways we have travelled!..picture perfect!!