Sunday, August 21, 2011

Port Townsend Ferry Crossing

This morning it was time to leave Oak Harbor and head for The Olympic Peninsula. We will dearly miss Oak Harbor but new scenery is calling to us and it is time to meet our Port Townsend Ferry Reservation and start to move south.

We were the biggest rig in the lower belly of the floating beast. The lighter vehicles are loaded near the outside of the vessel. This was a fun trip and saved lots of $$$. It was $58.50 for both vehicles and us. Diesel fuel alone would have cost about $100 to go via the roadways, not to mention the time and inconvenience.

To save on the fair we loaded our two vehicles separately. Here, our Jetta (with the new bra!!), will be the first to unload. We're also not all that anxious to try the new tow bar, LOL.

Tonight's camp; Dungeness Spit.


  1. nice price on the ferry..seems to make a difference if you go without the toad attached!!..enjoy the Dungeness Spit!!

  2. That's a big ferry. Not a bad price either. Travel safe.