Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Ridge

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The 3.2 mile, 700' vertical, Hurricane Ridge Trail, is something we wanted to do before leaving the Port Angles area.

We left sunny Dungeness Spit only to drive into dense fog for most of the 18 mile climb to the Visitor's Center and trail head.

Fog, mixed with light rain, made us doubtful this was the right day for a trail hike.

The fog seemed to be following us up the mountain as we started the hike to the ridge.

Before long we hiked above the fog and were able look back at the blanket that lay below us now.

The views along the way were nothing less than spectacular.

At the ridge top, while eating our lunch and enjoying the views, this little deer wandered up behind us just 10' feet away.

Lupines, Paintbrush and Glacier Lilies were just a few of the flowers we found along the way. Martha found herself singing; "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music".

We've also seen a number of eagles here in Washington, but they are usually far away as this one was.

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