Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wonderful Whidbey Island

Today we welcome new follower, Linda, who joined us a few days ago. Welcome aboard Linda, we appreciate your support.

What is this? While looking around under the Coupeville Pier at low tide we discovered these colorful starfish that cling to nearly every piling just below the low tide line. Look at the purple one, how cool is that!!

We've visited a number of beaches on Whidbey Island and have yet to find one that is not covered with driftwood. Where does all this wood come from; some pieces are huge logs and large stumps?

We found a place where we could pick our own raspberries and got carried away. 6 lbs. didn't seem like a lot until we got home to the RV. We managed to get most into the freezer.

Until today we never knew how artichokes grew; it seems gardening is easy here on the island. Every where we go gardens flourish. It must be the mild temps and rainfall.

The Maiden of Deception Pass; it took one heck of a tree to create this carving!

Fog at Deception Pass.

Here at the Windjammer City Park next to the RV park was the annual car show. There were a lot of cars but the import category was very small. I always loved the original Mini Cooper.

A 10" gun at the shore battery at Fort Casey State Park. What as waste of tax dollars this was; as if any invading enemy would get this far into Puget Bay to attack the USA, LOL. I guess it was because there were no aircraft at the time this was built; around 1900.


  1. great photos!..We love the Whidbey Island area!!

  2. Where is the carving of the maiden at Deception pass? We've been there many times and have never seen her. Great photos! Just found your blog and am enjoying reading your past posts. We are in BC but love all the West coast!