Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lady Washington

On a return trip to Coupeville we learned that The Lady Washington and The Hawaiian Chieftain were docked at the pier.

The breeze was so light they were able put up full sail.

Topmen to the yards!
A crew member was applying pine pitch to the ratlines in the relative comfort of a bosons chair.

These are beautiful wooden ships, both replicas built in the last 20 or 30 years.

While we'll never be able to relive the days of C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower, Master & Commander and The Age of Fighting Sail; we will have to settle for reenactments such as these little ships firing their six-pounders.

To follow up on the tow bar incident our coach had no damage while the car sustained a six inch scratch on one side and a 3" square dent/puncture on the other side from the hitch. Neither harmed the functionality of the vehicle though esthetically the car would no longer be the same. We had this bra in the trunk, still new in box, which I had bought on Craig's List but never installed. It fit perfectly and concealed everything, including the hookup points for attaching the tow bar.

Blue Ox was slow to get back to me and offered us $150 in trade towards the purchase of a new tow bar. This means I would have had to ship the broken bar back or find a dealer in our travels to exchange it. Not a very good deal however you look at it; but since it's older than the 3 year warranty period, not much I can do about it. Instead, I managed to find a new in box, 6500lb. steel model on eBay for $250 below retail. If you are using the Aladdin model, 5000lb., all aluminum tow bar I suggest you replace it soon.


  1. Your header picture is really incredible. And I love the old ships. Such a fun time. Glad you found a new tow bar.

  2. we were in Coupeville yesterday!..long story!..great shots of the ships!..and nice new header shot!..deception pass bridge is a nice stop for a photo!!!