Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exploring Whidbey Island

After reading rave reviews at Semi-True tales of Our Life on the Road one of the first things we wanted to do was have lunch at Kim's Cafe on the pier in Coupeville.

As recommended, I tried the coconut curried Penn-Cove mussels with crusty sourdough bread. Yummy!!

Coupeville is home to the first condemned building in America.

This was the first lighthouse I ever visited that allowed you go into the light tower.

The Port Townsend ferry from inside the light tower.

From the Navy airfield that abuts highway 20 we could watch them practice touch-n-go
landings. In the center photo note the steep angle of the plane's elevator as the pilot adds power to pull the plane back up from the ground. I think they may have been practicing carrier landings. What a loud roar to be so close!

The Madrone trees along Madrone Drive are yet another fascinating western tree species.

The peeling bark of these trees is so colorful.

The Captain Whidbey Inn on Penn Cove is made entirely of Madrone wood. This place is sooo charming; I think we're coming back for lunch.


  1. lunch looked yummy!..I have seen that meal before on Laurie's blog! I want that!!...great picture tour today~..thanks for the ride!!

  2. I'm not a fan of seafood but my hubby would be there in a heartbeat if he could.

  3. Wow! Who's taking the photos? Beautiful...
    Can't tell you how much the postcards mean to you both!!!

  4. Terry takes the photos -- but I sometimes point things out to him -- like the stack of kayaks!! Take care of yourself!!