Sunday, November 8, 2009

Son, Zach, coming home for Christmas!

We just learned Zach got his plane ticket and is good to fly home on December 21st. Yippee! It was last March when I dropped him off at JFK for his flight to Korea. That is a day a father doesn't forget. I remember him standing there with what had to be more than 100 lbs. of duffel bag and luggage, while a security guard told me I couldn't park briefly at the terminal entrance even though I was the only vehicle in sight. Sheesh! I just needed 3 minutes to help get his luggage inside. I bet if Zach were wearing his uniform we might have gotten a little respect. Solders, however do not make international flights in uniform due to terrorism.

Zach, enjoying a ride in a Black Hawk helicopter. Recently, on Zach's Facebook page, we see more and more images of him flying in Chinooks or Black Hawks. When he first got to Korea he was put in a tool room job he didn't enjoy too much. It disappointed me as well as I thought after completing AIT school at the top of his class he would immediately be involved with hands on helicopter maintenance. I guess the Army takes their time when in comes to letting a fresh out of school, 18 year old work on multi-million dollar aircraft.

Older photo of Zach and his buddies cooling off in the hot and humid Korean climate.