Friday, August 26, 2011

Yet Another Big Problem

With some degree of reluctance, we attached the new tow bar and have driven with it for more than a 100 miles. So far so good!

The shiny new tow bar; steel, not aluminum, rated 6500 lbs. towing a 3300 lb. automobile. The joints on this are so stiff it is hard to hook up, but it feels secure!

Though this problem is now behind us, no pun intended, a new issue showed up after we arrived in Clallam Bay. There was a bit of water on the floor in front of the refrigerator, which we've seen before and attributed to excess condensation. After cleaning it up, this time however a puddle reappeared a few minutes later, and was larger as well. Again we cleaned it up only to find more water flowing out of both sides of the refrigerator cabinet. There was so much water that it was actually flowing under the slide room to the outdoors onto the front tire. I shut our water supply off to see if it would stop and sure enough the flow stopped. Thinking it must be the ice maker line I began to trace the flexible water line from the refrigerator back to where ever it starts out. After removing a wood panel next to refrigerator I was surprised to find that the source of the leak was in fact an 1 1/2" waste line from the kitchen sink. A fitting had broken right where the flexing occurs as the slide room moves in and out for its 18" of travel. A lot of the woodwork is soaked and the moisture has tripped the GFCI for the bath and kitchen. Hopefully it will dry out without any delamination or warping. However, in this climate things like your bath towel never seem to dry out. As I finish this blog the fog is rolling in from off shore and we may not have sunshine even though there are no clouds whatsoever.

While it's nice to live in a big diesel pusher with four slide rooms, I've always felt having a kitchen in a slide room is not a good idea. Every time this slide room is cycled in and out it is flexing three water lines, a waste line, a gas line, lots of wires and the ducts for the front furnace as well. I wonder if the extra 20 sq. feet of space is worth the potential problems? Anyway, the good news is that we can still use all the other plumbing fixtures and this won't be expensive to repair. Clallam Bay, a small fishing village, doesn't even have a grocery store so a plumbing store is no where near here and this will have to wait.

Luckily, our coach is equipped with a rare ,optional summer kitchen, which slides out one of the side doors. Looks like we'll be washing our dishes outside for awhile.

Speaking of food, check out this Sockeye Salmon I bought here in town for $4 a pound. Once I filleted it, it yielded 4 servings for the two of us for $13. Boy, was it delicious too, nothing like super fresh Salmon! It was such a deep orange color that Martha couldn't believe it when she saw the fillets, and no color added like the damn grocery stores.


  1. sorry to hear about the 'leak'..but at least you found out where it was coming from! as for the salmon?..nothing like 'fresh fish'!!!!

  2. It always seems to be one thing after another with our rigs. But I still wouldn't give it up. The mobile repair guy is staying really busy here at Escapade. What a good lookin' fish. But I want them filleted before they come in my house.