Friday, September 30, 2011

How to say Oregon

Yesterday here at the State Park we met someone who said he could tell we were from the East Coast because of how we pronounce Oregon: Or-e-gone. Out here he said it's Or-e-gun or just Or-gun, so he claimed. Was he pulling our leg or not? Oregon followers, help us out.

Today we welcome (3) new followers: Wild Blue Wonder, Dave & Susie and Russ Krecklow. Thanks for comin' on board; we look forward to your comments.

Despite the rain today we ventured out to Cape Arago where we were pleasantly surprised.

We knew we would find the Cape Arago Lighthouse in Coos Bay, but were surprised to hear hundreds of sea lions barking when parked the car at an overlook near by. Most were far away but with binoculars we could see dozens in the water and on the rocks.

Another nice surprise was the Simpson Estate Garden in The Shore Access State Park.

The main entrance to the garden.
The gardens and the Lily ponds' shore have many exotic species of trees from all over the world.

The original caretakers' cottage; the Simpson mansion burned down some time ago.

The light rain seem to add to the experience, giving everything a fresh, clean appearance.


  1. What a beautiful place! Love the seal lions pic!
    Hey, being married to a Hillbilly, I hear about mispronounced words ALL THE TIME! Now, we're in the south and he's trying to pronounce "Naw Awlens (New Orleans)!

  2. Or-i-gun! how we pronounce it! as for where you went today!..we have been there too and not disappointed..our visit was a foggy one though..we only heard the sea lions!!!

  3. Or-i-gun, Smor-i-gun....any way you pronounce it, it's spectacular!!!
    The Cape Perpetua post card you sent was beautiful and much appreciated!

  4. There used to be a car sticker saying 'Or-Y-Gun'