Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Big Spruce Tree

270+ feet tall and more than 500 years old!

Can you find Martha? Hint: She's wearing red.

I was absolutely sure The Hugh's Spruce Goose was built with Sitka Spruce; a wood used in aircraft construction since the beginning of aviation. Actually Birch was the primary wood used for this aircraft. Life's a Birch.

Ruby beach, not far from our seaside camp.

The stone-stackers strike again! Every beach we visit we find these little piles of stones. I don't know who has the time for this but I think it's addictive. This morning I found our table cloth held down by a neat little stone-stack at each corner. Are we being stalked by stone-stackers or has Martha caught this disease?
Camp at South Beach.


  1. love the campsite!! for the stone stalkers..we have been known to do that too!!

  2. Nice composition on the stone stacker photo:))