Sunday, September 11, 2011


With all the cranberry farms here in the area we decided to take a tour.

A cranberry bog is not usually divided like this one. These are experimental varieties.

The berries will be harvested in October. You can see they not quite red enough yet.

While walking through the bogs we disturbed this heron in one of the small ponds used to flood the bogs.

Back at our camp, our neighbor, Bob, a talented musician, provides wonderful evening entertainment around the campfire.

Bob, caught up in the spirit of the crab fishing, said this hat was calling to him.


  1. Had friends who were cranberry growers and I loved learning about how they are grown. Do the experimental ones use as much water? Great picture of the bird. And the hat, of course.

  2. nice hat on your neighbour's head!..hope the music was entertaining!!