Monday, September 26, 2011

40 Miles of Sand Dunes

Until 3 days ago the only sand dunes we had ever seen were in Cape Cod, Mass. The dunes out here are amazing; some are like small mountains, complete with pine forests growing right out of the sand.

Tsunami Siren in the dunes just 200 yards inland.

When we arrived at The Dunes National Recreation Area the parking lots were completely full of people unloading every manner of dune buggy, ATV, OHV and motorcycle there is. We had no idea this is such a popular sport here.

The Umpqua Lighthouse sits high up on the dunes. It's colored light is suppose to shine across the dunes at night; we will have to check it out.

Roosevelt Elk are easy to find at the Dean Creek viewing area just east of Reedsport, where we presently are.


  1. So did you unload your off-road whatever and join the rest of them out there? I bet watching everybody having fun almost made you wish you had something like that.

  2. so jealous that you are still enjoying the Oregon Coast! the header shot!!!!!