Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coastal Meanderings

There are many woodcarvings everywhere along the coast but this one really stands out. To be carved from one piece of wood, as it is, it had to be carved from a root ball.

Mountains of oyster shells are a frequent sight. That's a lot of shucking!

Bandon area beach.

And then there are the huge lumber piles everywhere. From a distance they look like stacks of unpainted pencils.

A barge load of logs in Coos Bay, being maneuvered by this tugboat.

The Coquille River lighthouse.

Another Bandon area beach.

Oops, Charlie caught by a "sneaker wave".


  1. REALLY like this header picture as well as the last one you used. I'm trying to comment now using Firefox.
    I'm thinking there is probably a use for all those oyster shells??
    Great are you are in, would love to explore it.


  2. yet another post filled with fabulous photos!! the new header shot!!!