Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Camped at Cummins

Tomorrow morning Dessy goes in the shop for her annual check-up at Coach Care here in Eugene. As a courtesy, Coach Care provides overnight parking with water and power hookups. No excuse to be late for this appointment!

What's for dinner?

Angels on horseback. I wanted to try these back in Washington but we had to leave town before "oyster night" at a seaside restaurant there. Anyway, there not all that difficult to make at home. Just wrap some small oysters with thin bacon and put them on the grill. I had them on skewers at first but they didn't turn all at the same time, so next time I'll try toothpicks. They were delicious, I love the name as much as the taste.


  1. Not an oyster fan but I must admit those look interesting. Good luck in the shop tomorrow.

  2. Mmmmm...tasty. Have a good trip at Coach Care. Love that service!

  3. I'm with Jim and Sandie...Might actually try an oyster if it was wrapped up in bacon! K