Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Up and Down Kinda Day

We left Long Beach, WA yesterday a little earlier than we wanted because there was a huge car show there and RV space was hard to come by. Before leaving we wanted to vacuum clean the coach, but after 5 minutes the central vac quit. Once I looked at the problem I could see that the motor was burned out. A nonessential accessory, but still, I'll have to find parts and somewhere to have them shipped to. In the mean time we'll break out the broom.

We were both anxious to get to Oregon as this will be our first time there. We crossed the Columbia River thinking that with no car show and Labor Day now behind us we would easily find a place to stay in the Seaside, OR area. NOT! There was also a car show in Seaside, it's crab season and because it's 95 degrees in Portland everyone is heading to the shore. After passing a few either full or yukky RV parks we realized this would not be easy. When we saw that the campground at Nehalem Bay State Park was open we thought we were saved. However, after driving the big rig in we learned that we could stay only one night and then the place was booked solid. After a few calls and leaving another campground we couldn't fit into, we ended up at The Jetty Fishery. I know, it sounds awful, but after you see the photos below you'll see why we love it here. Before falling in love with this place there was however yet another mishap. Driving in, the trailer hitch touched the ground just enough to cut the electrical wire to our car and blew a fuse somewhere. With everything that goes wrong I always learn more about how this coach works. This time I learned that there are many many fuse blocks located all over the place, but I did finally find the right one. The wire can be spliced with my crimp kit.

Our luck started to change when after being here 5 minutes I met a crab fisherman and traded these two Dungeness crabs for a six pack of Coors (on credit too). Making a trade to my favor and a good supper to look forward to definitely helps to improve a tough day.

Next, we saw that the stuff on the shore across the bay from us was moving. They're seals! We are able to watch these guys sunbathe and swim right from the front seats of the RV.

Yet another surprise appeared out the same window around dusk. Elk!

To top the day off we enjoyed this sunset as well. In addition to the view we have an absolutely huge campsite and the price is less than the State Park or the area resorts. Life is good.


  1. I'm really jealous - a beautiful campsite, seals, crabs, and elk. What more could you possible ask for.

  2. Hi Terry,
    Not sure if you got my e-mail on our Sept plans? We're right behind you on the coast. Currently at Fort Stevens SP & heading down south on 101. We'll be hitting G.Washburne SP by ~Sept 22nd. Would love to meet up if it matches w/ your schedule! By the way G.Washburned is all first-come-first-serve this time of year, just in case you need a good spot.

  3. I'll have to keep this place in mind. This spring when we pack up and hit the road full time we want to head down the West coast from our BC home. Oregon is so beautiful! Love the wildlife shots :) Great memories