Thursday, September 8, 2011

La Push

Finally, an RV park designed with a motor home in mind. We just pulled right up into a huge space, and presto, instant ocean and seastack view. This is a new section in The Quileute Nation Resort with 24 sites, managed by the Local Tribe.

Driftwood and beach rocks; what Washington shores are all about.

Charlie is enjoying the beaches here where she runs free as a bird; there're no leash laws here on the reservation. Actually she's over done it for her eleven years of age and has a gimpy leg now; too much fun for her age.

Another beautiful LaPush sunset.

The driftwood here is just amazing; we could see where people had camped inside this one.

People camping among the driftwood piles further north right along the high tide line.

What a great piece of driftwood. I can just imagine this incorporated into a unique house design or one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. If I lived here I'd collect this wood and built something with it, maybe a whole house.

It was fun to watch the surfers head out every morning while still in our pajamas.


  1. Awesome spot you found there!

  2. I love this of these days,hopefully soon, I'll be back there.