Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Visiting our favorites before going east.

With thoughts of heading eastward very soon we wanted to drive through one of our favorite parts of Arizona; Sonoita in Santa Cruz county.

The grassy pastures, mountain vistas and low population density make this one of the most scenic drives in all of southern Arizona. Today's scenery included a few Brahman cattle which we hadn't seen on previous trips. A lot of times I hop out of the car to photograph cattle, horses or whatever and they run the other way. These Brahmans just kept doing what they were doing or meandered closer to me.

It looks like I was lucky and caught a photo of a western round-up. These are actually life size steel silhouettes like the top photo.

We've also been checking out some of the real estate in the area. This REO, architect designed home was nothing short of magnificent, but at 2200 sq. ft we would get lost in it.

If the house above was too big, this was too small at 700 sq. ft. This was one of two similar houses on the same 5 acre parcel. The funky sun shades on the porches were pretty creative. Houses in Arizona can be conventional stud construction, adobe, slump block, hay bale, rammed earth or concrete block to name a few construction methods; the more we look the more we learn.


  1. Nice! Never done this drive so yet another to add to "the list". Nina

  2. We first rolled through that area back in 06 and then again last winter when we slipped over the Coronado Peak and then north to Parker Lake. We also like that area and just may slip over there for a few days when we leave the Ranch. We are always interested in looking at affordable Real Estate. Had originally planned to slip through the Patagonia/Sonoita area from Ajo but the weather turned too cold in the mountains. The picture of the second smaller unconventional looking house is something that would be groovy enough to interest the Bayfield Bunch:)) Did you notice any good boon docking spots around Sonoita??

  3. The second house has character. I like it! And I would bet that 700 sq ft sounds huge to a full-timer.