Thursday, December 29, 2011

If you're ever in Rapid City..........

This afternoon we welcome new followers "The Rat" and Fred Feaster. Thanks so much for coming aboard; we're always happy to have new members join our growing family.

While in Rapid City, South Dakota this summer we visited the"Norwegian Chapel in the Hills", which I never wrote a post about. The chapel is an exact reproduction of the famous Borgund Stavkirke of Laerdal, Norway. Visitors are welcome here and encouraged to explore the grounds in this beautiful natural setting. The building itself is a fascinating piece of architecture built completely out of Douglas Fir in 1969, though it looks much newer due to annual preservative treatments.

Like a Douglas Fir tree itself, each successive story is smaller than the one below it. Note too the Viking influence of the roof-top gable ornamentations.

The little grass covered gift shop is a reproduction of an Norwegian Stabbur. The shop itself is filled with many Scandinavian items and goodies like Lingonberry jam.

This authentic log cabin museum was built by a Norwegian prospector who came to the Black Hills during the gold rush. Outside the museum we met Lena and Ole.


  1. Looks just like the Stave Church we visited at the Oslo Folk Museum this summer.

  2. Rapid City also have the best ever Native American store called Prairies Edge! Amazing art! 3 stories high of arts and crafts that will amaze you. They also have a website:

    Most curious and wonderful to me was the paper art! Blew me away!

  3. Thanks Happy Trails! Now I have a reason to go back.