Friday, January 20, 2012

New Antenna Installed

Two new followers signed on today; Fossildreamer and Jackie. We're happy you've joined us; please feel free to post a comment from time to time.

The new antenna arrived yesterday evening so now the moment of truth has arrived. I've suspected for some time our TV reception wasn't up to par, but this was confirmed when we were parked right next to The Bayfield Bunch who got about a dozen channels while we only received two (in Espanol BTW). After checking the distribution box, cables, etc. I learned that we got only two channels whether the antenna was connected or not. This really pointed to the antenna being the problem so I took it apart and found a circuit board inside which is definitely beyond my scope of repair. A new antenna head only, complete with the new fangled Wingman gismo was only $54.99 on Amazon, shipping included. 3 days later and an easy 5 minute installation, the moment of truth arrived; would it work? It sure enough did, now we have 15 channels! That's one off the honeydew list and I even got the malware virus off the computer too. Now, if I could just get the hood of our car to open then I'd be batting a 1,000. Before I give up I need to find find another 2008 Jetta so I can peak under hood and take a couple photos.


  1. 15 Channels...Wow, we were only getting about half that. New technology rocks:))

  2. Could you tell me how you got rid of the malware? I need to do that or go pay someone to do it Thanks

    1. Teri- I got a free download here:
      It seems to have worked for me, Good luck! I'd rather get a root canal than try to rid my laptop of a virus, LOL.