Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brown and Ramsey Canyons

As many times we have visited Ramsey Canyon somehow we missed nearby Brown Canyon. That's the great thing about Arizona, you can't find all there is to see just by passing through. That's why we keep coming back!

Brown Canyon is actually on Ramsey Canyon Road, just a short side trip to the right on a well-maintained dirt road. The ranch was built around 1900 and is now a kind of museum and home to a network of hiking and biking trails.

There are many remnants from when this was a working ranch not all that long ago.

'found this curiosity inside along with the histories of many of the people that once lived here.

What a great spot this was for a ranch. I don't know what Sierra Vista was like in 1900 but this place offers such peace and solitude, it's hard to believe you're just minutes from downtown and Fort Huachuca.

'made a trip to Ramsey Canyon as well where we saw six Coue (miniature deer, pronounced "cow") in three different locations.

Martha found this, I guess it's a fungus.

We're still kicking the tires of the housing market here. This house is more our style:

Actually this is the remains of a house in Ramsey Canyon that was built to take in "The Grand View" pictured below:

I wouldn't mind finding a fixer-upper with a view like this, and it's next to a year round stream as well. I guess that's why 4 acre lots in Ramsey Canyon are $350,000.

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  1. It is a beautiful area, and I really understand what draws you back there. Sure would be nice to have that view! Very nice post.