Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Donkeys get a Manicure

Turn up your volume and in 15 seconds you'll get to hear these two guys:

Today the farrier showed up right on time for her appointment with Sarah and Pancho.

She went straight to work and had all eight feet cleaned, trimmed and filed in less than an hour. I was surprised how docile the donkeys were; I think they liked the attention.

It seems the farrier and donkeys are well acquainted with each other. At one point it looked like Pancho was going to doze off he was so relaxed.

Pearce came in the motorhome last night and made himself at home, right in Charlie's bed. He's just a little too big for a Beagle bed though. Charlie didn't mind, all three dogs are all getting along just fine.

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  1. We enjoyed hearing Sarah and Pancho this morning. Actually, one of our dogs listened intently too; I played it for her a couple of times. Glad to see all is going well for you at the ranch.

    John and Ellen

  2. Love these posts and pictures about your time on the ranch.


  3. Loved the "sound" this morning and especially since we've met those two donkeys!

  4. Looks like Pearce made himself right at home. Not always easy for him getting up the Motorhome steps.

  5. Great to hear the donkeys! Makes me homesick. and Pearce has made himself right at home, not a shy boy.