Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home on the Range

When I woke up this morning to another wonderful Arizona sunrise I couldn't help but feel a bit of sadness when I looked out at our new friends' The Bayfield Bunch's RV and realized they would be heading for points west within a couple hours. Though we only spent the last two days together going over the chores here at the ranch, it feels like we've known them much longer. I guess that how it is when you follow one anothers blog for a year or two.

A rare photo indeed; the whole Bayfield Bunch together in one photo, here at Jeanie's and Ray's ranch. There's lots and lots of great photos on their blog, just never a photo of all four of them.

Our dog, Charlie, took a liking to Al right away. No surprise here, Al seems to attract dogs like bees to honey. I hope the ranch dogs, Gleeson and Pearce, won't miss Al and Kelly too much after they're gone. I know The Bayfield Bunch will miss them.

One more check of the lights and they're good to roll. Hey, don't forget Motor!

Well it's not a Bayfield Bunch"Good Bye", it's "see you later"; we'll see them again when they return in about 5 weeks.

Lets not forget to welcome new follower, Sheila~ INUA Kennels. Thanks for signing on and joining our blog!


  1. ohhh... thank you for that nice post. Really like the pictures ! SO nice to see us all together... We know we left the ranch in very capable hands.
    Don't forget to relax and sit on the porch...
    from the other "rancheroos"
    Kelly & the Bunch !

  2. That is a great picture of the Bayfield Bunch. From Al's blog you guys are sitting in a beautiful place. Enjoy yourselves.

  3. Welcome to the Ranch and enjoy! love the pictures. and yes evenings on the porch watching sunsets are magical...campfires are fun, too..
    Jeanie & Ray

  4. Thanks for the great post guys & hope you enjoy your time at the Ranch as much as we always do:)) AL.