Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunny in AZ today

After a light rain fall Sunday night we woke up to this rainbow to the west of us. Unlike the northeast, rainbows seem to occur after nearly every rain fall here. The clouds here have been spectacular for days now but today was clear and sunny with no wind; just perfect weather.

In anticipation of the farrier coming tomorrow we needed to get Sarah and Pancho into their stall this afternoon, which went just fine without a hitch. Ever since we got here just a few days ago we've tried to befriend these two but progress has been slow. They're pretty shy and skitterish but I think we're making progress towards some kind of mutual understanding. Feeding them a few apples or carrots now and then has allowed us to at least meet each other face to face and make some physical contact. I was actually quite surprised today when I went into their side of the fence to repair a broken water line and they came over to watch me just a couple feet away for ten minutes or so.

Then there's Charley who we find atop the hay stack every time we let him out. A typical cat; go for the high ground and scope out the terrain below. He's a handsome boy, and BIG too! We're gettin' along just fine.

What is this? A new way to find truffles? or look for gold? No, this is the world famous Acme Gopher Eradicator. You have to understand, Jeanie and Ray have many beautiful fruit and decorative trees whose roots these darn gophers just love to chew on and destroy. So Ray invented this simple eradicator that does away with the little buggers by way of a little CO2.


  1. A cloud of birds, a rainbow, donkeys in the pen and Charlie on the hay bales. Yuu guys are doing fine:))

  2. I believe it does away with the little buggers by way of a little CO. Carbon monoxide as opposed to CO2 carbon dioxide. It's a chemistry thing and a lot of people get them mixed up.

  3. Just catching up on yur blog. LOVE those shots of the rainbow and clouds! Looks like you guys are settling right into ranch life.