Monday, January 9, 2012

Computer Frustrations and Beyond

Tonight we are happy to have two new followers. Welcome aboard Dragonfly and Laurrie Piland, we're glad you're following along.

If problems come in threes yesterday proved to be a classic example. In anticipation of moving I wanted to adjust all our tire pressures with the help of a small 12 volt 150psi compressor. After today's experience I am throwing this made in China compressor in the trash. After adding 5 lbs. to one tire I went onto the next. This time I let the compressor run for 5 minutes and yet it added no air to the tire whatsoever. After just two tires the compressor gets so hot that I have let it cool before using again. When I tried an hour later it blew its 30 amp fuse, which it does frequently. I put a new fuse in and it ran fine but still did not increase the pressure of the tire. This little thing just doesn't have what it takes to fill a 22.5" tire to 110 lbs. At this point I'm going to pursue filling tires off the RV's air brakes compressor which I didn't understand was possible when I bought the little 12 volt compressor last year.

With that problem postponed til another day I went inside and booted up our windows laptop only to have twenty windows pop up with the same message: " fatal errors, missing system files, etc., etc." or something like that. The message was clear to me; I'll be spending a day or more in my pajamas sorting this mess out. Then of course my second thought was why didn't I back up files more recently. Minutes later I had the computer booted up in safe mode or an earlier setup but guess what; there were no files or programs! It looked like a new computer; just Internet Explorer and the stuff you find in the control panel. Where did it all go? I checked the "C" drive properties which showed the hard drive still half full, so the files must be somewhere, right? Thanks to another computer (a Macintosh) I was able to go online and learn that the PC was infected with malware which hides files and does other nasty things. So far I've been able to make my files visible and copy them, but not all my programs work.

After a couple hours of stressing out with computer problems I wanted to get one more "easy" thing done. All I needed to do was check the oil in our car and change a couple connectors I use for the Brake Buddy. This was easy and went well until I closed the hood for the last time. After I closed the hood I realized I forgot to check one more thing. When I tried to open the hood, nothing happens when I pull the release inside the car. I think the cable broke under the hood at the latch. I did a Google search of 2008 VW Jettas with same problem but haven't found any good answers. 'glad I changed the oil last week. What I really need is to see another Jetta so I know what I'm looking for when I climb under the car with a flashlight and a long screwdriver. How do I get a closed hood open?

I'm sure glad our new digs are going to be peaceful and quiet. It looks like I won't be bored.


  1. I would have been in tears at that point. You have definitely had more than your share of problems today. Tomorrow has just got to be better.

  2. Oh my, I am so sorry to hear of these problems. You might want to read my blog of a few days ago entitled "My computer is toast". Similar to yours but I wrote about a company I use for backup.
    Anyway, on to some rest and relaxation for you! You've earned it!

  3. That sure is a spate of bad luck you guys are having alright and stress levels would be maxed to the max. For me, any one of those things is bad enough but a whole series would reduce me to a pile of rubble. You are going to enjoy the relaxing peace and quiet here later this week:))