Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Oregon Trail

While passing through Guernsey, Wyoming we stumbled onto some historical markers that proved to be one of the most fascinating things we've ever seen. This rutted limestone is the result of tens of thousands of wagon wheels having left their mark over 150 years ago.

Despite the passage of time, weather and new growth, The Oregon Trail is easily recognized here in Guernsey.

Also here in Guernsey is Register Cliff, a rock wall in an encampment where pioneers on the trail left their mark.

Many of these adventurers took the time to create precise incised Roman style letters, with serifs. Look at this exquisite penmanship!

G.O. Willard here, left the safety and comfort of Boston for what must have been the adventure of a lifetime.
Soldiers too, left their mark. Some how all this makes history real for me. To learn this back in history class just didn't make an impression on me. Seeing these etched names and the deep wagon rut is proof that it all happened.

Guernsey State Park and reservoir was also a pleasant surprise. We checked out the many campgrounds and would definitely try to stay here the next time we pass through this area.

At lunch time we found a perch on the cliffs overlooking the Guernsey Reservoir.


  1. Wow! Those marks make history come alive for me. Just think, they really touched the same rocks you did~
    Enjoy, Kathy

  2. I feel the same way you do about reading about history in school & then actually seeing it for real years later. To actually be in the exact spot & see evidence of real history just makes it all come together in a believable manner.

  3. The annual Sheep Castration Celebration???? Ouch!

  4. Historical cool is that! What a great little find! NIna