Thursday, June 30, 2011

Carved Mountain Tops

The unfinished Crazy Horse Monument in Custer, South Dakota. As you can see in the inset photo, this has a long way to go. When completed the monument will stand 563 feet tall; what a magnificent sculpture it will be!

Martha says these flags are new from when she was here some forty years ago.

It's my first time at Mount Rushmore.

I like the monument from a distance, where you get a sense of scale.

Of course it's fun to stand underneath, looking up George's nose.

You can view Mt. Rushmore from the road if you don't want to drive in and pay the $11 parking fee.

Or, if you're quick, you can catch a glimpse while passing through one of the narrow tunnels on the Needles Highway.


  1. Lovin your pictures of Custer and the Black Hills. We REALLY enjoyed that area last year. If you haven't done the trip to Jewel Cave it's well worth the visit. There's a lovely 5-mile hike not far from there which is also worth the trip (Hellhole Canyon). Nina

  2. I like those Mt Rushmore photos. I have been trying to add your blogsite to our sidebar list this morning but for some reason it will not take. Will try again later on our Win 7 laptop.