Thursday, June 2, 2011

Black Canyon at Gunnison, Colorado

With some reluctance we left our wonderful campsite in Moab and headed for Colorado yesterday. Actually, The Colorado River, just 25 feet from our door in Moab, had risen about a foot and was suppose to rise even more. When we got to I-70 we could see that the river was right up to the bottom of the bridges with trees stuck underneath and one lane was closed. This isn't why we left, but who knows, all that water is heading south?

This was our longest dry camping stay at 8 days and 8 nights. I am happy to say we didn't need to run the generator even on cloudy days.
No more red rocks of Utah here; this is an entirely different kind of canyon.

The Painted Wall is the highest cliff in Colorado at 2300 feet. The drawing below gives you a sense of scale. Even far above the river we could hear the roar of the mighty class V rapids below.

The road to The Portal at the bottom is a 16% grade with countless switchbacks.

Fly fishermen, enjoying a perfect day on the Gunnison River in the clear Rocky Mountain air. Life is good!

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