Friday, June 17, 2011

Elk, we found 'em

We never found any Elk west of Denver but there are plenty here in the Estes Park area. The move to Loveland is probably our shortest move ever (50 miles), but it is so quiet compared to Denver. The fairgrounds were a good downtown, central location, but it was very noisy.

You can tell the Elk at The Rocky Mountain National Park are used to humans; you can get within six feet and they don't even look up at you.

I didn't let myself get too close to these bucks and those hat racks; you never know what they'll do.

Many trails still have snow on them like this six foot drift. Volunteers carved steps up and down each side so hikers can pass.

A dispersed Elk herd settling down for the night. Martha was so excited when we found this upper valley, she said it was better than anything we've seen in the last 8 months. I love it when this happens, as it has on 3 or 4 occasions.

What a great name for a road. The road must be true to its namesake, there was a grader getting ready to fix the gravel surface.


  1. Magnificent shots, the Elk are beautiful! The snow steps are interesting too.


  2. I remember traveling through Estes State Park back in May of 92 & some of the higher elevation roads were still closed. I had never seen snow that deep before. Beautiful park & would love to go back & see it again sometime.

  3. Lovely area and lovely shots!! Are you guys staying at Loveland State Park? It's a nice little spot.

  4. Nina, We're staying at Loveland Station Campground. It's the best deal we've gotten since we started traveling; $10 w/ full hook-ups and 50 amps!