Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Drive and Stroll Kind of Day

Since we are only ten minutes from the renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater we decided to have a look. Actually, there are many hiking trails there and it is a popular place for people to get some cardiovascular exercise climbing up and down the many steps.

The stage at the bottom, looking east towards Denver.

While we were there this gorgeous Prevost showed up in the parking lot. It can only be tonights performers.

We also fit in a visit to the Denver Downtown area. Union Station is absolutely grand!

Like most western cities, it's busy with long trains.

The South Platte River and The Cherry Creek merge right in the heart of downtown Denver. All manner of young, old, children and dogs were keeping themselves cool on this warm Saturday afternoon.

Martha gave into temptation and got her feet wet. It wasn't even cold.

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  1. I LOVE that area! Highly recommend checking out Buffalo Bills museum (a great visit) and the dinasaur tracks on Dinasaur Ridge. Also some great little breweries in downtown Golden.
    Wish we were there!