Thursday, June 9, 2011

Free Beer!

If your passing through Denver why not get off I-70 for some free beer in Golden?

They say the brewery tour takes about 30 minutes, but if you look at all the exhibits and read everything it takes a lot longer. The whole tour is very well done and it's fascinating to learn how much goes into producing a bottle of beer. When do we get the free beer?

I don't recall how many six-packs each of these copper brewing kettles holds, but it's like a gazillion glasses. No free beer yet, I guess that's at the end of the tour.

Ah, the free beer part of the tour. This is where you get to taste 3 glasses of fresh beer of your choosing. Our tour guide told us that this place is very popular with the college students here in Golden. Anyone can come here as often as they like, but only once each day. Apparently the students skip over the tour (a self-guided audio tour) and go straight to the tasting room. Maybe I'll come back tomorrow.

The sampling room is decorated like a pub. Did I mention the beer is free?

One of the things I wanted to accomplish this week was to install a new slide room motor for our largest, deepest slide. This turned out to be relatively easy and took less than an hour. It was however a big disappointment as the slide room stills moves with stops and starts, if it moves at all. I've had several discussions with a retired electrical engineer I met here at the fairgrounds and my problem is too much friction. These motors are designed to stop when they draw too much amperage, such as when you get to the end when the room is fully open or closed.

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  1. LOVE Golden. We stayed there for a month and really enjoyed the area. By the way the weekly farmers market at Golden (every Sat if I remember correctly) is really good. Lots of excellent produce!