Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mile High Marketplace

One thing about staying at the fairgrounds, there's always something going on. Today it's riding lessons and an RV show in the background. After looking at a couple RVs I headed over to The Mile High Marketplace just north of Denver. BTW, the instructor wearing the chaps and hat, is lecturing his students on correct riding posture. It kind of reminded me of golf lessons, or was it ski lessons? I enjoyed watching and listening; there's a horse in my future, I just know it.

There's free live entertainment which was pretty good (in Spanish). It's right next to the turkey leg booth. A lot of people were enjoying the music while gnawing on their drumstick.

Many of the vendors have permanent buildings, but there are plenty who just set up a sunscreen for the day.

Roasting chile peppers. You can buy a whole bushel for $20. What would you do with em?

The produce really is a bargain here. I bought enough avocados, tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro to make some salsa for less than $5, including a bag of corn chips!

There's rides for the kids too.

For $30 you can rent a piece of blacktop and clean out your garage.

While I was finishing this blog look what parked next to me. It only took about ten minutes to set up; plenty of sleeping space for two people with room to spare.

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