Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Snowy Passes

We completed our drive to Denver via two more high mountain passes yesterday.

Before we got to Denver we called some RV parks that looked to be acceptable but all were full. I had looked for some BLM camping but found nothing less than 60 miles from the city. So, we've ended up at The Jefferson County Fairgrounds which is practically empty.

The Fremont Pass, 11,000+ feet. To see so much snow and frozen lakes in June seems really weird.

The Eisenhower Tunnel at Loveland pass is the highest vehicular tunnel in the world. After driving through we couldn't believe how many miles and miles we descended before reaching Denver.

I was surprised to see that there were no propane restrictions like tunnels on the east coast. This is because tunnels on the east coast tend to go down under bodies of water, where heavier than air propane would collect at the bottom.


  1. I remember approaching the Eisnehower tunnel from the other direction & couldn't believe how many miles & miles we had to ascend....:))

  2. Been loving you drive through CO and all the snowy shots. Can't believe how much white is still out there!
    Also remember that drive from lsat year. It's is definitely a doozy!