Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wupatki and Wukoki Pueblo Ruins

When you visit Sunset Crater you can also see The Wupatki and Wukoki Pueblo ruins.

YIKES! When we were in California yesterday we saw these gas prices in Death Valley. I'm glad we filled up in Nevada

Back to Arizona and the Wupatki and Wukoki Pueblo Ruins:

You know how a National Park's brochure always shows photos of its indigenous life? This time we saw this 4' Gopher Snake right away, as it was crossing the road.

This is one large pueblo and it's 900 years old!

There were no six footers back then.

Look how this pueblo was built on top of a huge rock. Also note the black volcanic cinders in the foreground, and this is twenty miles away from the volcano.

The same pueblo up closer, where you can see it was actually an entire community. Wouldn't it be fun to build a modern house on top of a big rock?

2 days later we say this house in Nevada. 900 years later building your home on top of a rock is still a good idea.

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  1. Might be kinda hard getting a good garden planted on a rock built house but at least you wouln't have to worry about mowing the grass.