Monday, April 18, 2011

The Gerhard's Ranch in Flagstaff

The same day we went to Sunset Crater we also briefly visited Kingdom Ranch, where Kathryn was getting ready to shear and geld a young Alpaca named Majesty.

The entrance to their ranch. We were really excited to finally get a chance to see a small ranch here in the west. We have no idea how long we will continue to travel but if we ever settle down, it will likely be on a ranch or farm.

They have about 25 Alpacas here in just about every color.

This is only our second up-close experience with Alpacas. We really like them; aren't they adorable?

Once Majesty was strapped to the table Kathryn could begin the shearing. A couple boys from the Christian school were there to help out too. There was plenty to do that kept all five of us very busy. The Alpaca haircut yielded a large bag of fleece that will go to the Indian Reservation where they will weave it into blankets and rugs.

Kathryn had to be extra careful around the face. The shearing made Majesty look a bit like a creature out a Dr. Seuss book, don't you think? Once Kathryn finished the haircut she moved on to the gelding procedure, which I didn't photograph. It was fascinating to be a part of this surgery and I could see myself doing the same with a bit more knowledge and experience.

Their ranch is a little more than 10 acres with a fantastic mountain view to the south.

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