Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Recycled Percussion Show

We just got back from The Recycled Percussion Show.

I did not upload this photo up-side-down! When the curtain rose the four members of Recycled Percussion were suspended above the stage hanging up-side-down, each playing trash cans, laundry baskets, 5 gallon pails and other recycled stuff.

Part of the show included this construction van when they also made music with step ladders and power tools, including a chain saw.

Before we entered the theater we were given drum sticks and asked to select a recycled item to make music with. Martha chose a small sauce pan while I picked out this cool colander. This show has more audience participation than any other show on earth.


  1. Sorry to quote Karen Carpenter but, "You got to make your own kind of music"!

  2. Ooops! That was Mama Cass, wasn't it?

  3. It was the loudest music I ever made that is for sure!!