Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vegas to Utah

This evening we welcome new follower, Heather Streaman. We are happy you've joined us and appreciate your support.

While we thoroughly enjoyed Las Vegas, one week was enough for us. Yesterday we left the city noise and hot, hot, hot afternoons behind and headed for a higher altitude and the canyons of Zion. We had hoped to camp in the National Park but found out they are booked solid through September. This was a surprise this early in the season, but I guess anything but the dead of winter is prime time there. To get space there we would have had to make reservations months in advance. This would never work with our impulsive travel-style since we don't have an itinerary or schedule. With a little internet research however, we were able to find a nice spot just a short drive from Zion and Cedar Breaks as well. As is often the case, sometimes things work out better by chance. So, we went from our largest RV park ever (400+ sites, urban) to the smallest (< 20 sites, rural) RV park that we've ever been in. All we now hear at night is a rooster, and this morning it snowed. What a difference 160 miles and 3000 ft. makes.

Coming into Utah we had to go through a 9 mile mountain pass. They need to put a few of these passes in Connecticut. Nothing will break up a monotonous trip like driving a 15 ton vehicle through 9 miles of sweeping curves and steep mountain grades.

The roads in Zion are red, all of 'em!

A Pinyon Jay.

We washed the car and RV in Nevada, so we have to get a pic before we go off on some dirt road and turn it red.

Signs of spring, everywhere.

This is only the Kolob portion of Zion, tomorrow we'll visit the main event.

Here are a couple photos of the rural, farming community where we're parked:

Almost everybody out here has a horse. 'wish I could have a horse.

Our neighbors across the street.

Absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?

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  1. That is gorgeous,
    Nice pictures and sounds like you are seeing lots of great things.