Friday, April 22, 2011

The Vegas Strip

'First thing we did is buy an $18, giant Margarita to share while walking the strip. Yep, it's OK to stroll along the sidewalk here with any beverage you like. They even sell beer and Margaritas at McDonalds'.

After the sun sets and the lights come on, WOW!

We felt a little homesick here. 'Wish I could include the screams coming from the roller coaster above, which twists and turns throughout this version of NYC.

Yes, we found Elvis, and his twin brother.

This was nothing to look at until the sun went down; then it was beautiful.

Did we gamble? We threw a few dollars into some slot machines to see how they worked but that was it. It's obvious, at least to me, when I see all these elegant buildings and expensive real estate, the house always wins. It reminds me of the book: Where Are All the Customers' Yachts? by Fred Schwed.

You never know who will beam down to the streets here.

All the casinos offer breakfast. It's said that people who enjoy gambling can loose all sense of time in a casino. I can see why, day or night, they look about the same inside.

The fountain show at The Bellagio was our favorite free show. We went back twice to see other shows with different music.

The Sirens of Treasure Island was another free outdoor show we liked.

You can watch the show here: The Sirens of Treasure Island

The blast of fire that appeared right after this mock ship was fired upon was incredible. Even 100 feet away we could feel the intense heat.

This is the show Martha wanted to see. Maybe if her girlfriends were here I could see that happening. We did buy tickets to see Recycled Percussion at the Tropicana later this evening.

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