Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jerome Arizona

Jerome felt much like Bisbee when we drove into town; an old hillside mining town now a tourist destination and community of artists. Somehow we ended driving through the town and even further up the mountain on a dirt road to a ghost town (aka; tourist trap).

Would you pay $5 to visit this ghost town? What the heck; with expectations of a hokey, bastardized and totally unrealistic ghost town we went on in.

Real live chickens wander around all over the exhibits here . How do they ever find their eggs?

Pedro, the donkey, is the friendliest jackass we ever met.

Once we saw the live animal portion of the exhibits, we took a look at the valuable artifacts.

The museum, or ghost town, or junkyard, is shared with a number of local residents. The home at the top of this photo was the nicest, must be the owners'.

Park your car in Arizona; come back in 50 years, and it looks pretty much the same.

One of the highlights of the tour is the antique chainsaw exhibit inside this great old barn. Don't miss the snow chain display on the north wall!

I think this whole windmill thing was contrived for the benefit 0f the museum, what the heck, it's pretty cool.

A demonstration of a 100 year old steam driven sawmill is just one of the working exhibits you may see here if you come at the right time. You can also pay extra to pan for gold, have an antique engine started up as well as other things. There is some very beautiful exotic lumber for sale here as well. Don't miss this if you come to Jerome.


  1. I like how towns like Bisbee & Jerome are cleverly built on hills. I remember a large Hotel atop the town of Jerome with an old Rolls-Royce parked inside a closed garage.

  2. Welcome to my neighborhood. If you're in town for a few days, check out the scenic train out of Clarkdale!