Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rainy Day Project

After more than 100 days in Arizona without rain we finally had a couple rainy days and cooler weather. Of course we're in Northern Arizona now where everything is much different than down south. This seemed like the perfect time to tackle a small remodel project in our bathroom. Although we like almost everything about our home on wheels, we have never been happy with carpet in the bathroom. So, on an impulse, I tore it all up so we would be committed to doing something to replace it. Although we've picked up vinyl tile samples several times, this time we would have to make a decision and do it. Although real ceramic tile is generally not recommended in a motorhome we ended up choosing .75" x .75" glass tile. At .125" thickness the weight is not to much of a factor and tiles this small are very unlikely to crack. If the floor does crack, it will be a grout seam, not the tile itself. Time will tell. These small tiles also worked out well so that I didn't have to do many cuts (my diamond wet saw didn't come along in the motorhome). These little tiles are also scored on the back side so they can be cut with nippers. The only thing I couldn't do is cut them at 45 degrees for the corner of the shower. I tried several times but all they did is explode into tiny pieces. Even if I had a wet saw, I'm not sure I could hold them well enough to make a diagonal cut. To make it all work I cut 1/4" off the bottom of the shower and slipped full tiles right underneath. This actually was easier and looked better in the end.

The other problem was to stay off the tile while it cured. I ended up doing half one day and half another.

The finished floor is a huge improvement. 'hope it holds up on the road! Carpet was a yucky choice for a bathroom.

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