Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Water always a Surprise

With about 3 weeks and 4 RV parks into our new life we have experienced four different water supplies. The present is most notable because the water is so soft and the pressure is so high. Back in Connecticut we had hard as nails well water but today I took my shower in water so soft I had to be careful not to slip in the shower. When we first hooked up here I noticed the pressure was higher than what we have experienced before. This turned out to be not such a good thing as we woke up to some water on the kitchen floor due to a leaking ice maker. Once I cleaned up the water and tightened the loose ice maker fitting the leaking stopped. One good thing about an RV is that you can get to the back side of your refrigerator from outside the RV; how cool is that? The one thing you can't do is replace your refrigerator without removing your windshield or some other expensive thing but we don't need to go there today. After this I installed a pressure regulator and everything seems to be A.O.K. for now.

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