Monday, November 15, 2010

An Easy Project Today

This is the metal frame to a 20" x 48" folding table we used all summer at Sylvan Lake. Although it was the perfect size for our gas grill and two burner camp stove the original masonite and vinyl covered top wasn't meant to be used outdoors. It continued to soak up water and sag until I was ready to throw it in the dumpster by summers end. Camping World has a good selection of tables for this purpose but none of the reviews were favorable, so why spend $100 on something that will probably disappoint me. Why not put a new top on the original powder coated base that did hold up to the weather?

With just two days to go before leaving work for the last time I milled a few pieces of mahogany down to 3/8" for the top and three thicker pieces for the cross battens. I wrapped the pieces in shrink wrap and hastily stowed them in an RV compartment.

The only thing I had to purchase was a box of brass screws for $5. I used some epoxy as well, just to be sure.

The finished product! If the metal base lasts long enough the mahogany will turn a nice silver gray and should last a life time.

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