Monday, November 1, 2010

5 Star Camping

While discussing camping with my sister on Sunday, great adventurer and camper that she is, the question came up whether traveling in a 40' motorhome is really camping. I argued that since we don't stay in luxury hotels and spend our nights in campgrounds then we most certainly are campers. She countered with the fact that since we travel with all the modern conveniences and amenities how can we call it camping. Without further dispute, we agreed that if there is such a thing as 5 star camping then this is it.

My honey; 5 star camping.

I haven't stayed in many 5 star hotels where I had to worry about our water freezing and rush over to Lowe's for some insulation for our fresh water hose. It was 27 degrees last night and 24 degrees is forecast tonight. Time to move closer to the equator.

There was some time to play around today. I installed the anemometer so our weather station could be fully operational. Martha really misses the weather channel; this is the best I can do.

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