Sunday, November 7, 2010

Went to the Zoo, how 'bout you?

When we visited the Philadelphia Zoo this morning I didn't realize we were seeing Americas' oldest zoo. I was instantly more intrigued by the 19th century architecture than the animals themselves. Check out my first photo showing some of the 150 year old Victorian detail on one of the two gate houses flanking the main entrance.

Inside the Treehouse stands a giant rain forest tree trunk (note Martha in the lower right hand corner). This building too is a grand old Victorian structure that is now primarily used as a children's exhibit featuring larger than life whimsical animals children can climb on, under and into. It can also be leased for weddings (cost $2500)

We enjoyed the zoo animals too though many were staying in their shelters due to the blustery fall weather. Martha had hoped to see the baby giraffe born this summer but the African plains' animals don't like the cold. These penguins however, know how to soak up the warm afternoon sun.

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