Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Meadow Campground

Thanks to Kenny and Angela for all the info on the Osage-orange tree.

We are so happy we decided to dry camp two nights in the Big Meadow campground; the only campground open on the Skyline Drive this time of year. The place was practically empty making us think that off season sightseeing may become a regular part of our plans. When we started to register for two nights the camp Ranger urged us to try one night first thinking we might not enjoy the cold weather. We did see a few snow flakes and it was 29 degrees the next morning according to our thermometer or 19 degrees as reported by the camp host. It was 48 degrees inside our RV when we got up but we've hardened off to the point that temperatures less than the 68 degree norm don't bother us any more (at least not in our flannel jammies).

It fit, with room to spare! I think this was about the point we lost our Verizon service, and with all the lodges closed there was no wi-fi either. No internet, ugh, this was the greatest hardship we've endured so far.

3700 feet is only a bump compared to the Rockies but it felt like we were on top of the world.

Until the weekend came, with its hoard of campers, we saw this herd regularly wandering around the park. There was a great lone buck as well.

We hiked three different trails during our short stay. The waterfall at the end of Dark Hollow Falls Trail is well worth the steep climb back to the trail head.

The waterfall is 70 feet high and cascades down several tiers. The sun sat just above it at about 1:00pm; it must be even more beautiful in the winter.

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