Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pigeon Forge

Up Side Down Wonderworks Dinner Theater, home of The Hoot n' Holler show, as well as other attractions and exhibits.

Full scale Titanic, complete with iceberg and water breaking around the bow.

When we arrived here yesterday evening we were both taken back by the commercialization of this area. We've been to a number of tourist areas over the years but this place beats them all. The route from the interstate south to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park has ways of separating visitors from their money like I've never seen before. These include a wedding chapel, bungee jumping, shindig & hillybilly theme restaurants, The Titanic, helicopter rides, lumberjack dinner theater, laser maze, comedy clubs, zip lines, magic shows, camel rides, Dollywood, Dolly water park, Dolly Stampede plus all the usual attractions like miniature golf, go-carts, outlet stores, etc., etc., etc.

Despite the rain we headed south this morning through this gauntlet of excessive consumption, to the Smoky Mountain park entrance in Gatlinburg. Inside the visitor center we enjoyed a 20 minute movie on the history of the Smokies as well as an outstanding museum. The museum exhibited examples of the trees, plants, mammals, reptiles, birds and insects indigenous to the Park. The rain only got heavier but we ventured up the mountain anyway where we saw hundreds of seasonal tributaries rushing down the mountain side to feed The Little Pigeon River.

Before leaving this morning we had put some short ribs in the crock pot which were ready when we got home. Yummy! We are very happy with our site here at Creekside campground and expect to stay here 4 nights. I'll be adding some photos tomorrow when the rain stops.

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